Monday, December 16, 2013

Student Made Classroom Decor

I am a new teacher (second year), so I feel as though I do not have a lot of decor for my classroom. This can be overwhelming in the beginning to feel as though I have a lot of expenses for my classroom. As a parent, my favorite gifts are handmade gifts from my children. As a teacher, I discovered that some of my favorite items for classroom decor are handmade from students.

I try to come up with seasonal craft activities that incorporate literacy or math skills, and then I use those items to bring cheer to the room. We have been working on reviewing the parts of speech this week, so students made these cute snowmen with verbs and adverbs (some did nouns and adjectives). Then we hung them in the window for festive decor throughout the month.

1 comment:

  1. Love using student art/work as decoration in the classroom. Not only does it make the classroom more appealing to the students, but it allows students to take ownership of their work and helps them to do their best - no one wants less than their best to show up on the walls!