Saturday, September 14, 2013

Great product!

I recently obtained these Hand-up Answer Boards from . I have individual white boards for my students (which we use all the time for math), but I find that the size encourages them to doodle. These little hands are great. They are double-sided (blue/red), which I loved for yes/no responses. I actually used them for odd/even number review. It would be nice if they were a bit thicker (as the students enjoyed waving them around), but I think this is a great product. Students could comfortably write a 4-5 digit number (or 4-5 letter word) and they didn't have all the extra space that the big white boards have. They are a big hit with my second graders.
Smilemakers has a huge selection of educational products. I have been letting all of my teacher friends know about this site. I already have my eye on quite a few products for my classroom.

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